[EMBO J] miR-302 mediated Oct4 activation confirmed in hESC

MiR-302 activates Oct4 expression via NR2F2 inhibition in hESC

Study has shown that the transcriptional factors Oct4, NR2F2 and miR-302 are linked in a regulatory circuitry to regulate both pluripotency and differentiation in hESCs. In the undifferentiated state, both Oct4 and the Oct4-induced miR-302 directly repress NR2F2 at the transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels (EMBO Journal, pubmed link).


Alessandro Rosa and Ali H Brivanlou, et al., “A regulatory circuitry comprised of miR-302 and the transcription factors OCT4 and NR2F2 regulates human embryonic stem cell differentiation”, EMBO Journal, Volume 30, No 2, 2011, Pages 237-248