Cell Stem Cell reconfirms microRNA-302 reprograms human somatic cells into iPSC

After an initial publication by scientists at USC Medical School in September 2010 (Nucleic Acid Research, pubmed link), another laboratory at University of Pennsylvania excitingly reconfirms in April 2011 that miR-302 is more efficient at reprogramming mouse and human somatic cells to pluripotency than OSKM method (Cell Stem Cell, pubmed link).

Previous studies have found the miR-302-induced iPSCs derived from human skin/hair-derived somatic cells (e.g. keratinocytes and melanocytes). With this new finding, the miR-302-induced iPSC generation technology is further expanding to reprogram human and mouse fibroblasts to iPSCs.

  • microRNA alone without OSKM can reprogram somatic cells to pluripotency
  • microRNA is more efficient than OSKM : >10% efficiency
  • microRNA-302/367 cluster reprograms both human and mouse fibroblasts