Dr. Shi-Lung Lin to present at the “2nd World Conference on Magic Bullets (Ehrlich)” in Nuremberg, Oct 5th, 2008

/Santa Fe Springs, CA/ September 15th, 2008, Dr. Shi-lung Lin, Department of Cell and Neurobiology, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., is to present at the 2nd World Conference on Magic Bullets – EHRLICH 2008, Nürnberg, Germany, October 3rd – 5th, 2008. Topic of talk is on “Hyaluronan-Mediated Transformation And Relapse Of Prostate Cancer”. The World Conference on Magic Bullets is dedicated to Paul Ehrlich and is held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his Nobel Prize award. In his Nobel Lecture on December 11th, 1908 Paul Ehrlich layed out the foundation of chemotherapy and the use of drugs to cure patients. He coined the term Magic Bullets and this term has remained in science as well as in the lay world for particularly important and clinically efficacious drugs.