I. microRNA for Stem Cells

    How do you collect the mir-302-induced pluripotent stem (mirPS) cells?
    How to isolate a good embryoid body?
    If the mirPS cells differentiate, what kind of cell will be see most often?
    Why are the neuronal cells most observed from differentiated miRPS cells?
    How do you improve the transfection efficiency?
    How do you reduce the extent of cell toxicity following electroporation?
    How come the electroporation machine has no effect on my test cells?
    What type of cell lines can be reprogrammed using miR-302?
    What type of tissue culture plates can be used?
    Do we have to purchase media from Mello Biotech?
    Is the transfection reagent cytotoxic?
    How many cells do you need per reaction?
    Does the miR-302/367 plasmid integrate into the genome?
    How can I improve the transfection efficiency?
    What is the morphology of a miR-302-induced pluripotent stem cell?
    I have initial high transfection efficiency, but very few iPSC colonies. How can I increase the reprogramming efficiency?
    I've noticed a decrease in GFP expression overtime with my iPSC colonies. Does this decrease affect their pluripotency?
    How can I isolate an iPSC colony to produce a cell line?
    Why does the embryoid body generated looks different from OSKM or hESC?
    What happens if the iPSCs differentiate? How can I prevent cells from differentiation? What are these weird looking cells on the fringe of iPSC colony?
    What is the limit of iPSC passaging?
    How long is the cell-cycle of mirPS?
    How do I ensure the quality of mir-302 vector?
    How can I verify the pluripotency or stemness of iPSCs?
    Why don't we see Klf4 expression in the western blot?
    Have you looked at chromosomal stability?
    I have AMAXA device. What program would you recommend to use? For example, if I use foreskin fibroblasts, should I use the same program what I was using for reprogramming FSK/FBL with episomal vectors (7 factor) reprogramming?
    Should I use hypoosmolar buffer as well?
    In your protocol there is recommendation to incubate 10' in ice before electroporation: how critical is this step? Should I follow this as well for AMAXA?
    When I was doing reprogramming with 7 factors, cells after nucleofection were cultured with fibroblast media and then at day 4 I switched to condition media. In your protocol Step3 p.2 you recommend to transfer colonies and switch media, "when iPSC colonies are larger". Could you be more specific and defined the size?

II. Natural microRNA Precursors

  • Q1. What is a CCE Precursor?
    A1. It is a RNA Cell Extract.
  • Q2. What is mir-302 Precursor?
    A2. It is a purified microRNA.
  • Q3. What makes is natural ?
    A3. Our Natural microRNA Precursors are un-synthesized. They are solated from dicer negative cells.
  • Q4. How does it compare to other products?
    A4. There are no other natural products in the current market.x

III. mirTyro & Skin Lightening

  • Q1. How should mirTyro be stored and maintained?
    A1. mirTyro is most stable when dissolved in water-glycerin solution at neutral pH and temperature between 4 degrees and 25 degree Celsius.