microRNA iPS Generation & Reprogramming

  • Introduce only a single factor to reprogram
  • High success rate : 80% ~ 90% Efficiency for normal cells
  • Easy to use with electroporation, liposomal or microinjection delivery
  • Effortless to select successfully reprogrammed cells

Mir-302 Electroporation & Liposomal Kit

The mir-302 electroporation expression kit or liposomal express kit are used for intracellular delivery and expression of the mir-302 microRNA family (mir-302a, b, c and d pre-microRNA cluster).  A novel electroporation delivery scheme is used to integrate a cytomegalovirus (CMV) or Tet-regulated CMV (TRE-CMV) promoter-driven SpRNAi-RGFP transgene into the cells of interest for intracellular expression of the mir-302 microRNA family (mir-302s). Mir-302 family is placed in the intron of the SpRNAi-RGFP transgene and generated as a part of the transgene transcript RNA (pre-mRNA), containing two RGFP protein-coding exons and one non-coding intron. The intron is then spliced out of the pre-mRNA and further excised into small mir-302 microRNAs capable of triggering targeted gene silencing. At the same time, the RGFP exons are ligated together to form a mature mRNA for synthesis of a red fluorescent marker protein. The presence of RGFP serves as an indicator for mir-302 family expression and processing. The delivery efficiency depends on the cell type, delivery method, & culture conditions.  Read More ...

Mir-302 and mirPS® Cells

The Mir-302 family is expressed most abundantly in slow-growing human embryonic stem (hES) cells and quickly decreases after cells differentiate and proliferate. Transgenic delivery of mir-302s into human skin, hair follicle and melanoma cells has been shown to reprogram these somatic cell to reprogrammed pluripotent stem (iPS)-like cells1. The mir-302-reprogrammed pluripotent stem cells, namely mirPS cells, not only express many key hES cell markers, such as Oct4 and Sox2, but also have a highly demethylated genome similar to a reprogrammed zygotic genome. Microarray analyses have revealed that genome-wide gene expression patterns between the mirPS and hES H1 and H9 cells share over 86%–92% similarity. Under molecular guidance in vitro, these mirPS cells can differentiate into many distinct tissue cell types. Therefore, mir-302s may be used in place of Oct4, Sox2 and Nanog for more simple and efficient generation of iPS cell lines.   Read More ...

microRNA Liposomal/Polysomal Transfection Kits

Cat. No. Product Name Package Price Buy
M-125-302-CM mirPS® mir-302 Liposomal/Polysomal Kit 5 runs $880
M-126-302-CM mirPS® mir-302 Liposomal/Polysomal Kit 10 runs $1580
M-127-302-CM mirPS® mir-302/367 Liposomal/Polysomal Kit 5 runs $880
M-128-302-CM mirPS® mir-302/367 Liposomal/Polysomal Kit 10 runs $1580

microRNA Electroporation Transfection Kits

Cat. No. Product Name Package Price Buy
M-105-302-CM mirPS® mir-302 Electroporation Kit 5 runs $780
M-106-302-CM mirPS® mir-302 Electroporation Kit 10 runs $1380
M-107-302-CM mirPS® mir-302/367 Electroporation Kit 5 runs $780
M-108-302-CM mirPS® mir-302/367 Electroporation Kit 10 runs $1380


Cat. No. Product Name Package Price Buy
M-200-101 mirPS® Cell Line h01 (HEK-293) vial $800 Call to Order
M-800-011 mirPS® Feeder-Free Culture Medium 250ml $250
M-820-210 Hypoosmolar Buffer Solution 5ml $25
M-820-220 Isoosmolar Buffer Solution 5ml $25