Natural microRNA Precursor

  • Natural, not synthetic siRNA or shRNA mimics

  • MicroArray certified composition quality

  • High quantities available for in-vivo research (HPLC)

  • Validated by publications

  • Custom microRNA precursors available!

Note: Natural microRNA sequence is in red.

Natural microRNA precursors (miRNA Precursors) are microRNA transcripts that have not yet been processed into mature microRNA. These microRNA precursors can be delivered safely into the cell, where it will readily associate with miRNA processing complexes, and be processed into mature miRNA. These precursors are single stranded RNA molecules that contain the hairpin construct necessary to complex with processing complexes that will splice them into mature miRNA. These molecules are the closest representation to the microRNA precursors found in cells. Mature microRNA can then be used to study a multitude of cellular processes based on their ability to silence as well as upregulate various genes. The advantage of using Natural microRNA precursors versus synthetic mimics is the ability to use the same microRNA precursors that are present naturally in the cellular environment.  Read more...

Natural microRNA Precursors miR-302bcad

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miR-302bcad Cell Extract

M-410-302-PF miR-302bcad Purified

Natural microRNA Precursors miR-302bcad/367

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miR-302bcad/367 Cell Extract

M-410-367-PF miR-302bcad/367 Purified

Licensing & Bulk Ordering


Licensing of microRNA Precursors for in-vivo trial & clinical use is available.  Please contact for further information.